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Members are a big part of the Fitzroy Centre. Because of that, we have compiled testimonials of some of our members describing their experience at the Centre.

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Hi, my name is Bob

I have been a member of Fitzroy Centre for twenty months. I was dealing with mental health issues and McGill Centre referred me to Fitzroy. I personally can say that it saved my life.  

Since coming to Fitzroy Centre, I have made new relationships and friends. I attend on average three times a week, initially helping in the cafeteria then getting involved in social recreation activities.  

I applied for subsidized housing and now have a nice apartment and the support of the Fitzroy Centre Housing Unit when needed. 

Since moving into the Fitzroy housing, I now have acquired my second part time job with the help of the Fitzroy Centre Employment Unit. Fitzroy staff go above and beyond to help me. I feel a sense of security knowing I have this support. I really look forward to coming to Fitzroy Centre, I feel a real sense of belonging. 

Hi, my name is Darlene

When I first started at Fitzroy Centre, they helped encourage me to find work, with help from my employment worker. I have a disability so I was able to get lots of help job searching, the staff understand my needs really well, and I have a good connection with my workers. My journey began with a TE (Transitional Employment) 4 years ago as a backup crossing guard with the city police. I was reliable, caring, and a good worker.  

After the first year, the Constable asked me if I would consider applying for the position full-time and I said yes. I had to go through the process of getting a criminal record check and completing First Aid, which I was able to do funded through Fitzroy Centre.  

It’s been 3 years now and I still work as a crossing guard, and love it. I do it for the kids, to keep them safe. I work 15 hours a week and it motivates me every day to get up, even on cold winter days. When I’m not working, I come in on a regular basis, usually 3 times a week, to Fitzroy Centre and help with any work order day tasks because I like to be busy. Staff know they can rely on me to do the job and do it right. 

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Hi, my name is Aaron

And I reside at 181 Kent St in an apartment provided by Fitzroy Centre.  I feel very privileged to live there. My apartment is absolutely beautiful. It is big and bright.  Fitzroy Centre strives to provide myself and the other tenants with safe, decent affordable housing.  I have lived in substandard housing and I am grateful to be a tenant at 181.  Having my own space is beneficial to my mental health and I take pride in my apartment. I also really like having guests over.   

When my mother first visited at my place she said she could see herself living in my apartment, she was THAT impressed.  I find that my neighbors are friendly and we all look out for one another. When I need repairs or work done the Housing Unit will come over and take care of it in a timely, professional manner. The fact that the building is a heritage building is a nice perk as well.  I feel safe and happy in my residence and I hope to continue to live there for some time.  

I think a nice place to live is crucial to an individual’s health and wellbeing. Truly, I am blessed to live at 181 Kent. 

Hi, my name is Cindy

When I first made the decision to come to the Centre, I had no idea what I was about to embark in. When I heard about Fitzroy, I immediately said no the first time. All I knew about Fitzroy was the stigma around the Centre; I thought it was a place where mentally ill people went to hang out. So I was asked again and was actually told what Fitzroy was all about it. I went for a tour and within minutes I realized the stigma around the Centre is 100% wrong.  

I never thought I would like Admin work but I love it. The staff in the admin unit make me feel like I have a purpose and they stop what they were doing to listen to what I was saying and give me advice.  

Fitzroy is like one big family as everyone looks out for each other. I had no idea when I started it would be life changing. Every single time I leave Fitzroy I feel I contributed to something and have people in my corner who are rooting for me. 

I’ve done years of counselling but the advice I get from the staff at Fitzroy is better than any counselling. I like to tell myself that I make a difference in the lives in the staff and members. When I leave to go home I can’t wait until the next time I go!

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