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Education and Culinary Unit

The Education and Culinary Unit is dedicated to providing practical education and culinary skills for our members. We provide affordable daily meals through our commercial kitchen and canteen, prepared by members and staff. We also provide opportunities for skill development and increased knowledge on various topics related to wellness and accessing additional community resources through Live N' Learns, as well as social recreation activities. 

We encourage engagement of all through Work Ordered Day tasks available in the Unit, within a friendly and safe space.

Meet The Team



Provides low cost food and beverages for members/staff within the clubhouse.


We have a full kitchen for creating delicious home cooked meals for all those in the clubhouse.


Wellness programs

Provides support for maintaining the overall wellness of our staff and members, including an on-site gym.



Social recreation

Provides activities for staff and members to socialize and be there for each other every week. 


The Library

We provide a library filled with all different genres of books for your reading pleasure.

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