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Housing Unit

The Housing Unit at Fitzroy Centre provides support for members who live in our supported, independent, and community based apartments, helping them to sustain their housing and become more self-sufficient. Supports include access to safe and affordable housing, scheduled apartment visits/check ins, skill development, light maintenance, and more. The Housing Unit is also responsible for some of the Work-Order Day tasks highlighted below. 

The facilities supported by the Housing Unit are:


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Longworth House

Longworth House is a communal home which provides housing for ten individuals. It offers nine single rooms and one training apartment. Members live primary independently in a co-operative situation with part-time supervision. The philosophy of the house is to meet the daily needs of the members, while allowing for personal growth and development.

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Fitzroy Centre apartments

Fitzroy Centre is a seventeen-unit complex with bachelor and one bedroom units. The  purpose of the complex is  to provide independent living opportunities for individuals experiencing mental health concerns, and at the same time provide support as needed to enable members to live on their own. This  complex is connected to Fitzroy Centre allowing easy day time access to additional supports. 


181 Kent

181 Kent St, provides members with independent bachelor and one bedroom unit, that may not require daily support, but is within close proximity to Fitzroy Centre if support is needed.


Community Based


For members who are self-sufficient, the Fitzroy Centre provides subsidized apartments in the community.

Work-Ordered Days

Work-Ordered days are slightly different at the Housing Unit. Activities may include clerical work, light maintenance, answering phone calls, among other duties. You can find some of the work we do daily as a unit below:

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Van Services

The Housing Unit offers van services for the members of the Clubhouse.

These services include daily transportation to and from the Clubhouse, as well as Food Bank runs.

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Light Maintenance

Members often help the Housing Unit with light maintenance in or around the Clubhouse. We encourage the participation of members as much as possible in these activities.

Clerical Work

Clerical work is plentiful at the Housing Unit. We teach and learn with the members as we navigate purchase orders and other administrative work that may arise.

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