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Administration Unit

The Administration Unit offers Work Ordered Day tasks and skill development in the areas of welcoming new members through intake and tours, financials for operations, tracking statistics for accreditation and funding purposes, reception, and clerical duties. The Unit also has a media room where creativity reigns and time is spent on the newsletter, videos, and podcasting. Without the help of members, these vital Work Ordered Day tasks would not be completed. Member participation is fundamental for the unit.


Media Room

The Media Room is where we publish our weekly newsletter.  The newsletter keeps people in the know regarding Clubhouse activities and topics of interest, while building up computer skills. Members create the content and do the editing. The Media Room also creates podcasts and videos.


Statistics Area

Stats is where we keep track of crucial information on member participation, including daily attendance, Social Rec. hours, housing supports, as well as employment hours (such as TEP).  




As the first person you see coming in the Clubhouse, Reception is an imperative role at Fitzroy Centre. The Receptionist answers and directs calls, while completing additional clerical duties. 



We are responsible for the money that comes into and out of Fitzroy Centre. Most of the money comes in through member's rent payments and from the canteen. Expenses include all supply purchases for our operations, including groceries, clerical supplies, and building maintenance. Bank deposits and purchase orders are prepared by staff and members working side by side. We also help with making personal budgets and prepare end of month financial reports. 


Thrift Store

"The Seconds Place" Thrift Store is a highlight for many members and the selection of quality and affordable clothing for year-round fashion is second to none! Here members gain experience volunteering in a retail environment while dealing with the public in a professional manner.

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